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When Should You Consider Buying A Zero-Turn Mower?

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Zero-turn mowers have several advantages over other mowers on the market. The biggest advantage is that they afford the operator greater control than other mowers on the market. However, just because they are better than many other mowers on the market does not necessarily mean that every homeowner should run out and buy one. You may first make sure that your yard makes buying a zero-turn mower practical. 

What Qualifies as a Zero-Turn Mower?

To be a zero-turn mower, a mower must have two levers which are used to steer the mower. The mower on the left moves the front and back wheel on the left, and the lever on the right does the same for the wheels on the right. By pushing both levers forward or backward at the same speed, you move the mower in a straight line. If you move one lever faster than the other one, you make a gradual turn. If you move the lever on the right forward and the lever on the left backward, you spin in a circle on the spot. Thus, you can move your mower through an intricate maze of obstacles with the greatest of ease, as long as there is room for your mower to get between the obstacles you must navigate around. 

When is a Zero-Turn Mower a Good Choice?

The first thing you should be concerned with when purchasing a mower is the size of your yard. If you have a small lot to mow, you will likely have to edge the lot with a self-powered, walk-behind mower, and you could probably mow the lot with a lot less hassle and with less stress to your lawn if you use the self-powered mower. On the other hand, if you have a large lot to mow, you should at the very least purchase a ride-on lawn tractor. Just because you have a lot of ground to cover does not necessarily mean that you need a zero-turn mower. If you don't have a lot of trees, flower beds, or out buildings in your lot and/or you mostly will be traveling in straight lines, then the added maneuverability you get with a zero-turn mower will likely be overkill. On the other hand, if you have a large yard with a lot of obstacles and/or you run a lawn care business, you should consider purchasing a zero-turn mower. 

Zero-turn mowers are a lot of fun to operate and can make mowing your lawn feel more like a joy ride than a tedious task, but you should make sure your mowing needs justify the purchase before you go out and buy one. Contact a company like Chenango Supply Co Inc to learn more.