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Considerations For Buying Window Boxes

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While it can be fun and rewarding to grow flowers in one or more gardens around your property, many people also enjoy having flowers in various types of planters. Barrel planters are popular on a deck or porch, but other planter types can also help to increase the beauty of your home. Your local garden center carries all sorts of planters, including window boxes. As their name indicates, these are planters that sit on the exterior ledge of ground-floor windows. Garden centers often have a lot of window boxes in stock, including many that already have flowers in them. Here are some considerations for buying window boxes.


Window boxes are available in many different lengths so that they can accommodate windows of different widths. It's a good idea to identify the windows to which you wish to add window boxes before you visit the garden center. Specifically, you'll want to measure the windows' width so that you can buy the right window boxes. For example, if you have a window that is 28 inches wide, it's ideal to buy a 28-inch window box. Anything longer may not fit properly on the ledge, and anything significantly shorter may look awkward.


You'll notice that window boxes are available in lots of different styles, so you shouldn't have any difficulty choosing products that suit the look of your home's exterior. You have the option of choosing window boxes that either match your home or that offer a complementary look. For example, if you have vinyl siding that mimics wood, you might like the idea of a wooden window box. Or, if you have a brick home, you might find that a metal window box works well visually.

Sun Vs. Shade

If you're shopping for window boxes that already have flowers growing in them, you'll need to ensure that the flowers are compatible with where you'll situate the window box. For example, some flowers require full sun, while others do better in partial sun and even shade. Consider how much sun or shade each window of your home gets. Some windows get full sun for a good amount of the day, while others predominantly remain in the shade. Choosing flowers that are compatible with the conditions will ensure that they thrive and look their best throughout the season. Learn more about window boxes and choose some for your home by visiting your local garden center.