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Recommendations For Your Gravel Landscape Project

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The weather outside is fine and offers the perfect opportunity for you to work on outdoor projects. There are many uses for gravel in your landscaping and, with it, many tips to help you make the project easier and more successful. Here are some recommendations for you to select and arrange for your gravel delivery and its installation in your landscape project.

Choose Gravel Features

There are many uses for gravel in your yard and its landscaping and specific benefits you get with rock versus other materials. Gravel makes a good foundation material for a concrete slab or for a walkway, as it compacts well when you use an angular rock. 

Gravel is also a good weed barrier and makes a good mulch ground covering material. When you are trying to prevent termites in your home's exterior, a gravel layer around your home improves the space like wood chip mulch but without the danger of termites. Gravel will hold moisture into the soil of a bedding area but prevent soil erosion.

Make Your Selection of Rock

Different gravel can provide you with different looks and uses, depending on the size, type of rock, and its appearance. For example, for a gravel driveway, a crushed or angular gravel will grip together to create a supportive surface for your vehicles. However, a decorative rock, such as colored volcanic rock, small sized pea gravel, sparkly quartz, or rounded river rocks will make your ground covering look attractive and beautiful for your outdoor space.

Arrange For Delivery

When you have chosen the right type of rock for your landscaping, you can place your order for its delivery with the local landscape company. They usually provide delivery to your home with the rock product, unless you are ordering it from a specific rock supplier who allows you to load and transport your own rock using a pickup or trailer. 

Have a delivery spot ready on the gravel's delivery day so the driver will have a place to deposit the delivery, and you will be able to access and disperse the gravel throughout your project. A driveway, dirt area, or the gravel's final location are all good spots for depositing the gravel. You can ask the driver to deposit the rock in more than one spot in your yard, as long as they can easily get their truck backed into the spot. Otherwise, plan to have equipment like a wheelbarrow and a shovel to move the material around as you want it.

For more information on gravel delivery services, contact a supplier.