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When Are Custom Topsoil Blends Worth The Investment?

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Topsoil mixes are an option worth considering for your yard. It takes some thought to put together custom topsoil blends, and consequently, it's important to understand when the investment is worthwhile. Plenty of individuals, farmers, and businesses go this route in these four situations.

Soil pH Issues

Dealing with topsoil that's too acidic or alkaline can pose a number of problems. Whether you're trying to grow beautiful green grass or finally get your tomato garden to produce, getting the pH right is critical. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Most plants will thrive in soil that's somewhere between a pH of 4.5 and 8.0, but it's wise to take a look at what levels are suitable for your project.

Reviving a Yard

One of the biggest problems many efforts to revitalize yards face is that the soil is just wrong. Often, it ends up too compact, and this can create an array of problems with everything from drainage to grass growth. Putting in new topsoil that has been customized can make a huge difference, and it's a good choice to consider if you're going to have turf installed.

At least a half-foot of new topsoil will go a long way toward providing the new turf with a base where it can thrive. In addition to nourishing the grass, the loose soil will be better aerated, allowing roots to set down better. Such improvements can help address drainage problems too by giving the ground a better ability to handle heavy rain and runoff.

Amending Soil

The contents of the soil, especially in terms of nutrients and the presence of lime, can make the difference for a wide range of projects. Soil may need to be amended due to a variety of issues, such as invasive plants that have changed the composition. Even some trees, such as the black walnut, can alter the soil around them so thoroughly that very little else will grow in their vicinity. Once you've removed these sources of trouble, you may still confront problems until the topsoil has been amended.


At sites that have been contaminated by things like industrial waste, it's often critical to haul off all the old topsoil. New topsoil will have to be installed, and there's an argument for using custom topsoil blends to make sure that any lingering chemicals won't react with the new soil.