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Understanding The Many Benefits Of Limestone For Your Property

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As a homeowner, you certainly want the best for your landscaping. However, understanding what can and cannot benefit your yard can be challenging. If you're looking for something that's as functional as it is attractive, you should think about investing in limestone. Limestone is a great option for many different reasons, and understanding some of its many uses can help you see why it's worth the investment.

Aids In Drainage

When you invest in limestone, you can use it to build drainage ditches on the property. Limestone provides a great foundation for a drainage ditch to help protect against soil erosion. You can even create varying layers of limestone by opting for stone in different sizes so that you can create a solid foundation and then some additional drainage layers.

If you are worried about water runoff around the outer perimeter of your home, limestone is a great solution. You can build drainage ditches all the way around the house to help protect against water accumulation and the potential resulting water damage.

Supports Walkways

Whether you're just building pathways to walk around your yard and garden plots or you're looking for a departure from the traditional gravel driveway, limestone can make a great choice. Part of what makes it so ideal is that limestone isn't as vulnerable to weather damage or similar issues like asphalt and other materials are.

In addition to its durability, limestone makes a great choice for driveways and walkways because of its appearance. You can even modify the final appearance by choosing different stone sizes based on the look that you want.

For your walkways, all you need to do is spread a weed barrier and then fill the area with limestone. Then, for driveways, you can create a level foundation and then spread fine-ground limestone to create a strong, durable driveway for your home that also looks beautiful.

Provides Soil Nutrients

Limestone is a great addition to any soil that you're using to grow anything. Limestone will contribute all sorts of nutrients to the soil, allowing your flowers or vegetables to thrive where you plant them. Just mix limestone into the soil and add some above the soil to help retain moisture beneath.

For more information, reach out to a landscape contractor near you. He or she can connect you with limestone delivery services so that you can get the material that you need to finish your landscaping projects and bring life to your yard.