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A Fancy Or Basic Water Feature That Will Amplify Outdoor Appeal

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An outdoor water feature will give your property a boost, especially if the property currently lacks aesthetic features and only contains a wide expanse of weeds and grass. Picture a raised pond that contains a stacked stone surface. Overhead, a cedar or metal pergola can be used to block sunlight and showcase some greenery that is growing on your lawn. Here are some things to consider as you complete your landscape design.

What Will This Project Cost?

The cost of a landscape upgrade like this will depend upon the complexity of the pond's design, the variety of fish or plants that will be housed inside of the structure, and the materials chosen for the pergola. Are you looking for an elaborate upgrade that can be viewed from all angles of your property or are you interested in a modest addition that can be enjoyed from one corner of your yard?

Research landscape projects that involve the addition of water features to get a feel of what types of structural designs and materials can be used to create the 'perfect' outdoor addition. You do not necessarily need to go all out to acquire profound results that will give your property the look that you have been after.

A small, circular pond that is constructed of a faux stone surface or one that contains a stacked stone veneer surface may cost much less than one that is made with quartz, granite, or other natural stone types. Speak to a landscaping contractor to gain insight on lower-cost projects, if you are interested in sticking to a budget, but would still like to make a significant change to your property.

How Will You Utilize The Area?

The main purpose of the pond will be to house fish and display native foliage, but how else do you plan to use the space? Since a pergola will be installed over the pond, you can use the addition as a private dining area or an attractive backdrop when family photos are being taken. Choose flowering vines or an exotic plant variety that contains thin branches, to enhance the top or sides of the pergola.

Pick lighting that is efficient for outdoor use. Lighting can either be added to the outside or the inside of the water feature or you may want to choose a drop style lighting that can be suspended from the pergola. This will provide concentrated light that will be centered over a table or seating area that you will be using while outside.